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Full Version: XPForce Question
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Hello, I have to original Iris Dynamics yoke. Question is, I can't see to get trim working just right in Xplane. I am using XPForce. I have the yoke set in X-plane to full linear. The problem is that when I trim the aircraft, the resting place of the yoke does move but not enough. So if I need to trim aft in order to maintain level flight, I would expect to trim aft until I relieve pressure. Problem is, once I start trimming aft (even keeping the ID yoke not moving at all) the nose of the place starts to go up so I need to also apply some forward pressure at the same time.

But the trim does in fact move the resting position of the yoke, just not enough. Like it's not a 1:1 relationship if that makes sense. I have tried so many combinations of settings in Xplane, XPforce and the AirfoilLabs C172 (pane Im flying). I have the latest versions of each.

Any advise?
On mine I have NOT bound the trim switches in the joystick menu. If you have the trim up/down unbound what happens?
They are unbound. I am not using it in stand alone mode but rather with XPForce so the built in trim functions of the Iris yoke are disabled when using this mode. The trim is controlled by the aircraft/xplane but just doesn't work quite right.
This appears to be the same problem that I'm having today, but with Xplane 11. Has there been a fix for this?
(09-08-2017 02:37 AM)677RCACS Wrote: [ -> ]This appears to be the same problem that I'm having today, but with Xplane 11. Has there been a fix for this?

I never got it to work right. I just resorted to using it in stand alone mode.

I wish they would open source the iris firmware like they talked about so I could control the trim position myself using datarefs in xplane. The iris dynamics yoke's brain is a teensy microcontroller which I've worked with alot. Teensy has a library for direct communication with xplanes datarefs. If they made the source code available I think it would be rather trivial to have the yoke communicate directly with xplane.
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