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Delivered Yokes --reviews-setups-software-idea??
08-14-2015, 08:15 AM
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Delivered Yokes --reviews-setups-software-idea??
Hoping this thread will be for helping those that have the yoke working in their sim.
Maybe the discussion other than this can be done in another thread. I understand some questions may need to be directed to other software developers but this is a start

I am not going to long winded here at all but rather see if there is an interest out there from those that have a Iris Yoke

Win 7/64
FsForce v2
P3D 2.5
IrisYokeBRAINS 1.04
Model IDL-20001

Setup of yoke is plug and play,,read the manual it has lots of help in there.
Setup of FsForce(a must piece of software),take a little bit but works just fine.
I fly A2A planes only and unfortunately flight following is not supported at this time.

I find the controls a bit toucher but according to Russel Dirks at FsForce that is normal for feedback on a real plane . Since for flight following it has to be calibrated within windows P3D ,I may recalibrate it in FSUIPC since I can not use it in the A2A planes anyway, I may have this a bit mixed up.

Would be great to feel the environment forces on the yoke but maybe one day.

Iris has setup some neat commands for the yoke that can be adjusted in Ardunio

Overall I think it is what I thought it would be for a yoke,now hoping the software can be advanced for it. Solid accurate yoke ,that trim feature is cool,I use a trim wheel instead of Iris switches fir trim.

Just a couple thoughts for right nowIdeaIdeaIdea
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08-14-2015, 07:50 PM (This post was last modified: 08-14-2015 07:59 PM by Lizz.)
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RE: Delivered Yokes --reviews-setups-software-idea??
Hi Everyone, I promised to write down my first impressions/experiences with the Yoke, so no problem for me to use this post for that.

I received my Yoke last monday and I already posted some pictures of the packaging and box content, so I wan't post them again here.
What is my setup:
X-plane 10.36
Windows 7
IrisYokeBRAINS 1.04
Model IDL-20001
Serialnumber IDL-20002-120

General impressions/experience:
I did't install the Yoke in my Simulator right away but decided to test it first on a standalone PC running X-plane. I often use this PC to test software/hardware before implementing it in the simulator.
Fitting of the Beech handle is very easy and without any hasle....
Connected power and USB and the Yoke immediatlely came to life, started up X-plane, loaded the B1900 and started the calibration process in X-plane.
Both Axis were recognized without problems but I had some trouble defining the buttons. X-plane refused to show the list of possible button assignments so I had to use a kind of back door to get the buttons assigned. Later I discovered that the Yoke software is default looking for a Hatswitch and a slider which the Beech Yoke doesn't have.
Disabling the HAT and the Slider through the Arduino software seemed to solved this issue.
Started flying the B1900 and I was immediately impressed with the forces and feedback that the Yoke provides, In some cases I really needen quite some force to control the aircraft, something that is completely different and makes it very realistic.
After performing some initial tests I decided to testfit the unit in the simulator, so I moved it upstairs and did the testfitting. As it was OK I powered the unit up, connected it to the flightsim computer and unfortunatley nothing happened....................the unit was in SLEEP mode and there was no way to awake it.
The unit did the POST, it beeped, the fan started running but nothing more than that. Did a number of checks on the power, USB etc. but to no avail.
I did notice however that the ROLL movement range of the unit was limited to +90 -45 or something alike.
Removed it from the sim and back to the testbench, but wasn't able to awake it anymore. It was listening however to commands through the Arduino software.
At this point I decided to call the guys at IRIS for support, and I must say the support I get from them was exellent, very responsive and they really cared about this issue. So after some telcalls with Kyle and opening up the unit there were some issues identified which most probably were caused by the transport of the unit. Well, looking at the number of transfers (from UPS) the package is going through it is not very surprising I would guess, although the unit should be able to survive such a trip of course.
Anyway, exellent support, unit is working again......!

Standalone mode
The unit is operating in standalone mode as default, basically meaning that besides the trim function (which is absolutely great!!) and the Forces there is nothing else to experience, no turbulence, or gear rumble or whatsoever, no autopilot following
In this mode the Yoke is already very impressive, it gives you all the feedback you need to precisely fly the aircraft. Trimming is a breeze, no more fiddling around with the Yoke to find the correct trim, this now goes spot on!! Approaches can be done much more accurately.
Actually you have the idea you are really controlling a 9500 LBS aircraft that is alive......

Using the XPForce plugin
I decided to buy the XPForce plugin which, I found out, is an exellent piece of software adding just that bit of extra reality to the Yoke experience. e.g. It provides gear rumble and turbulence when the gear goes down. Altough the latter is a bit out of proportion, when you put the slider somewhere in the midrange (see picture) the handle will go crazy when you lower the gear. For a more subtle effect the slider should be almost al the way back to the left. I think that the range of the slider should be changed. The plugin also provides you with a positive touchdown force and runway bumps.
What I was missing a bit is the Yoke being completely forward when the aircraft is parked and coming back (due to the air forces on the controls) when it is accelerating, the effect is there but not as I expected. But maybe I have to play around with the plugin settings some more.
The plugin also shows the forces applied by the yoke by means of three sliders.
A great feature is that you can save the settings for each aircraft seperately, these are loaded again each time you change aircraft.
It is also possible to disable the plugin totally and use the control forces as set in Planemaker for a particular aircraft (Xplane does Calc). Didn't try this yet but certainly will experiment with this in the future.

The Arduino Software
Iris made a very good choice of providing an alternative way to change settings of the Yoke. Initially you had to fool around with all kind of button combinations to set parameters in the unit. Now you just download the Arduino & Teensy addon software with which you can communicate and send commands through a simple serial COMM window (see picture). This makes our lives easier, especially when you have a Beech handle there is no visible feedback of the Yoke's 'inner thoughts' as there is no LED lighting on that handle.

First of all I have to say that I am very happy with this Yoke, it brings my simulator experience certainly to the next level.
I was immediately addicted to the Yoke after the first hour or so....
A few 'Issues' to mention:
1. There is no power switch on the unit, you have to pull out the mains plug in stead.
2. I noticed that X-Plane lost the Yoke definition a few times so I had to recalibrate again, very annoying.
3. Button assignment is not working very stable in X-plane (have to do more experimenting and testing though)
4. Sound....hmmmm...I can imagine that using the unit in the lving room is not really an option, when running 'Low' is is OK but when the unit need to cool down the fan RPM is increasing and it make a lot of noise. Not a problem for me as the Yoke will be installed in my sim where there is a lot of aircraft noise anyway.
5. The unit is not always listening to the Arduino Serial Monitor software, sometimes typing in commands simply are not being send or received. Next time it is working fine again. Will report this back to IRIS as well.
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08-14-2015, 11:02 PM
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RE: Delivered Yokes --reviews-setups-software-idea??
Hello Lizz
Glad you are enjoying your unit and great review .

I have found setting the sleeptime to caffeine ( zero minutes) seems to help for me losing contact with FsForce and then having to wake it up.

Button assignments work great for me as I use FSUIPC, I use them for EZdock--views--zoom--talking--panning--I use a trim wheel for trim and it is pretty cool how the yoke reacts now to what trim is doing.

Shutting down unit I use Iris's button combination to put it into sleep mode rather than unplugging anything.

I found also with the Teensy addon that it is to be set to automatic.

I agree the Pat and Kyle was great help to me also.

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08-16-2015, 04:35 AM
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RE: Delivered Yokes --reviews-setups-software-idea??
Hi Guys,

This is a bit of a second part of my 'review/experience' with the IRIS Yoke.
Today I mounted the yoke into my simulator, made a kind of pedestal for the yoke which is tilted backwards some 15 degrees. Because of this the yoke handle is more comfortable to hold when sitting in the pilot seat. (I wil post some pictures later....)
I connected the yoke to the flightsim computer and all worked fine. I changed the sleep time to 0 as advised by cfdog and it helped to prevent the Yoke falling a sleep when there is no input (happened one time in flight).
Issues 2,3 and 5 of my earlier post seem not to be present in my simulator installation, the test PC has a beta version of X-Plane 10.40 installed while the simulator PC runs 10.36, which is a stable version.

I made a couple of approaches using the yoke in standalone mode without plugin and a couple with the XPForce plugin activated.
Contrary to what I expected my preference at this moment is absolutely to fly without the plugin. The yoke in standalone mode is much more stable and more enjoyable than with the plugin.
With the XPForce plugin the yoke is very nervous especially in Roll it is constantly moving and vibrating in your hand, I want to wright a report to the developer of XPForce as well to let him know.
If there is anyone here in the forum using the yoke and the plugin with X-plane please let me know your experience as well, maybe it is specific for my yoke...??!!
OK with the plugin there is more feedback from the gear, speedbrakes, ground etc. It also provides autopilot following although the handle movements and AP following seems to be dampened out heavely.
I also found that ControlWheel steering is not working when XPForce is active.

Whether in standalone mode or with XPForce activated the yoke is definitely a new dimension in sim flying. It provides the necessary feedback to precisely fly the aircraft.
The coming weeks I want to experiment some more with the yoke using the standalone and the Plugin mode.

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08-16-2015, 05:10 AM
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RE: Delivered Yokes --reviews-setups-software-idea??
Good information Lizz, keep it coming and thanks.
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08-16-2015, 07:17 AM
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RE: Delivered Yokes --reviews-setups-software-idea??
(08-16-2015 05:10 AM)john MD Wrote:  Good information Lizz, keep it coming and thanks.
Beautiful review Lizz, really appreciated.
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08-18-2015, 11:59 PM
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RE: Delivered Yokes --reviews-setups-software-idea??
Quick note:
I have always used FSUIPC for my modules and calibrations of my devices.
When using FSForce software and the Iris yoke I find the calibration for the yoke to be done within P3D, checking within FSUIPC to make sure it is not recognizing the yoke and trim wheel (I use trim wheel rather than the trims on the yoke).

Thanks Kyle for the recent update and the past support I had received from you guys.
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09-01-2015, 02:17 AM
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RE: Delivered Yokes --reviews-setups-software-idea??
I just received the yoke last night.
Hooked it up, power on.
After I powered the unit up it was in SLEEP mode and there was no way to awake it.
No LED lights at all.

Do I need to install that Arduino software and take it from there?

Where are any instructions about how to use it in X-Plane?

Also none of the buttons is recognized by X-Plane Joystick menu.

Please help, I do not know where to start.

Thank you in advance.

Cheers, AJ
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09-01-2015, 02:27 AM (This post was last modified: 09-01-2015 02:28 AM by Lizz.)
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RE: Delivered Yokes --reviews-setups-software-idea??
Hi AJ,
First of all congratulations with your Yoke.
Best thing to do is to contact Kyle on the support number if the unit really refuses to awake, he is very helpfull.
But first I would like to advice you to install the arduino software (there is a nice video on Youtube from Kyle...). Even when you need to call them Kyle could ask you to test things instantly through the serial monitor.
The unit should awake when you move the Yoke from full up-down and Left to Right, do you have the full 90 degr roll Right and Left?
If it doesn't then try to reach the Yoke through the serial monitor and see if it listens to commands.
Otherwise call Kyle.......

Good luck,

P.S. Using the Yoke in x-plane does not require special actions besides claibrating the unit and assigning the buttons.
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09-02-2015, 07:37 AM
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RE: Delivered Yokes --reviews-setups-software-idea??
Hello AJ
Just wondering if windows is seeing your yoke.
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