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IRIS Yokes Software Support
06-03-2016, 06:44 PM (This post was last modified: 06-03-2016 06:46 PM by Lizz.)
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IRIS Yokes Software Support
It is quite a long time ago that I visited this forum simply because I was 'busy' using the Yoke in my Sim. I'm still quite happy with my earlier Yoke model, it is functioning good and I have a lot of fun using it.
I was just triggered by the Kickstarter guys that the project has officially status 'Mission accomplished', so I followed the url in the message to Youtube showing Pat (with beard.......didn't spot any grey hair though.....) who explained where IRIS is standing right now and what products are on offer now, nice video btw.

One thing that is still bothering me a bit is the lack of software that actually supports any IRIS Yoke model (new or old). OK, I know we as X-Plane users do have XP-Force, and yes I have tried it extensively but to be honest it is (at least for me) not working stable enough to be of any use in the sim (see my earlier threads about this).
And I really do not understand why there is no decent IRIS software supporting their OWN products. Before I decided to go on with IRIS I also looked into the Flight Illusion Yoke, I even visited them to discuss and try it out. One big difference with IRIS is the supporting software they provide to ensure the user have full control on all aspects of the FFD on their Yoke.
Well....maybe I do understand why there is no software support, the guys were simply too busy building Yoke hardware and supporting it.
Now, the project has been finished, it is 'mission completed'.

So IRIS, PLEASE make sure that you will release decent software that works with any FlightSim out there that supports your hardware. It would make the product even more enjoyable!
Just my two cents...
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06-04-2016, 04:24 AM
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RE: IRIS Yokes Software Support
Very valuable 2-cents, Lizz.

To make a long story short; the force-feedback simulator world is chaotic and under-developed (in my very humble opinion). Because force-feedback products have been previously rare and expensive (and let's face it - the costs still aren't trivial), there hasn't been a huge incentive for app developers to put forward FFB support.

When undertaking this project, we decided to implement the hardware side of the DirectInput USB protocol, and have left it up to sim developers, or addon developers to parse the many variables coming from the sims into forces for the yoke; as you correctly pointed out, we were too busy building and supporting that hardware to branch out and start writing software for macs and PCs to support the various sim options out there.

While we would love to build our own software for the major sims out there, we currently don't have the programming expertise in the areas required; our competencies only really extend into microprocessors and electronics and not into apps that run on operating systems and interface with sim-connect or the other interfaces simulators provide. With that said, we are currently looking for a new team member that will bring some high-level programming to the table.

In the mean time, we will be putting together a tutorial and setup guide for XPForce and FSForce to support XPlane and P3D/FSX. Look for it to appear on our website sometime next week. When it appears, we'll also start a thread here on the support forums for people to post their experiences so we can help these plugins grow as a community.

Additionally, as we continue to grow in number of customers and products, we will continue to communicate with the XPlane and P3D in hopes that one day, they will integrate working and realistic forces as part of the simulators themselves.

More to come Wink
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03-28-2018, 03:15 AM
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RE: IRIS Yokes Software Support
setup guide for XPForce ..... any movement on this ?

How about opening up the source code so I can write my own version of XPForce ... it seems everyone has just given up on trying to wring the full potential out of this yoke

Is there any kind of SDK ?

Are there any other options out there for Xplane 11 that I'm missing ?
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